Top Ten Hits In Redskins History

And when we say "Top Ten Hits in Redskins History", what we really mean is, "Hey guys, check out this Sean Taylor highlight reel."

Thanks to our friends over at Purple Reign for the idea.  I like my list better, though.


LaRon Landry Hits Laurent Robinson (2011)

Lorenzo Alexander Crushes Lamont Jordan

Sean Taylor Pile Drives Tatum Bell (10:06 Mark)

10) Lorenzo Alexander Hits Jorrick Calvin

9) London Fletcher Hammers Brandon Jacobs (2008)

8) Sean Taylor Punks Reggie Brown (2007) (6:12 Mark)

7) Mike Sellers Trucks Kenoy Kennedy (2007)

6) Sean Taylor Smacks Patrick Crayton in Dallas Miracle "Brunell to Moss" game (2005)

5) Pound for pound the best Redskins hit ever, little Martin Mayhew Crushes Andre Reed in Super Bowl XXVI (2:31 Mark)

4) Sean Taylor Annihilates  Jerry Porter (2005) (8:19 Mark)

3) Sean Taylor Destroys Brian Moorman in the Pro Bowl (2008)

2) Big Dexter Manley Knocks Danny White Out of NFC Championship Game (1983) (1:35 Mark)

1) LaVar Arrington Ends Troy Aikman's Career (2000)

Bonus footage: for those who enjoy some Redskins on Redskins crime.