Steve Buckhantz's Dagger Retractor


Wizards play-by-play commentator Steve Buckhantz is one of the best in the business.  He is beloved by DMV hoops fans and one of the most well-respected broadcasters nationwide. He is probably best known for his catchphrase "DAGGER!", yelled whenever a Wizard hits a walk-off shot to win the game.

Even the great ones have a slip-up every once in a while. And this slip-up was a pretty embarrassing/funny one.

I think everyone (including myself) watching Trevor Ariza’s last-second potential game-winner thought it had gone in and the Wizards had won the game. It indeed was the most deceiving air-ball of all time.

The awkward silence when Buckhantz and Comcast's color commentator Phil Chenier realized that the shot had not gone in was almost as funny as the fake DAGGER call itself.

“So the Dagger has been retracted,” Buckhantz said.

“First time ever, I believe,” Chenier added.