The Redskins and First Round Picks Don't Get Along

The Redskins seem to earned the reputation around the league as a franchise that usually doesn't resign their own players, instead opting for the Grass-Is-Greener approach of free agency. This statement is especially true of our first round picks, apparently.

Sometimes it's hard to quantify the levels of ineptitude without attaching some sort of number or figure to it. 

Well Rich Tandler of CSN Washington's tweet kind of put it in perspective.

Gut Punch

Gut Punch

Makes you sick, does it not?

Bobby Wilson, Desmond Howard, Tom Carter, Heath Shuler, Michael Westbrook, Andre Johnson, Kenard Lang, Rod Gardner, Patrick Ramsey, Carlos Rogers, Jason Campbell & LaRon Landry all failed to earn a second contract for one reason or another.

There are a few exceptions. Champ Bailey was traded for Clinton Portis and second rounder before his rookie contract was up. Sean Taylor tragically passed away before he could re-up with the Skins. Brian Orakpo technically hasn't signed a second contract as of yet, while Trent Williams, Ryan Kerrigan and RGIII are all still on their rookie contracts.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go throw up in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. Writing the blog post just made me a little nauseous.