Happy Anniversary of '2131', Iron Man

Porter Binks, USA TODAY Sports

I usually don't write much about Baltimore sports teams in this forum (unless I am referring to how I want to get Joe Flacco a swift karate chop straight to the jugular), but today is the anniversary of one of sports most unbreakable records/my childhood's most memorable sporting events and deserves acknowledgement. 

On this day 18 years ago, Cal Ripken Jr., baseball's Iron Man, played in his 2,131 consecutive game, surpassing Lou Gehrig's previous mark that stood for 56 years.   

Worth noting, as many of you probably know, that even though no one would have blamed Cal for taking a night off after the arduous streak was broken, he didn't. He kept it going for several more years.  If a baby was born on the night Cal began the streak on May 30, 1982, he would be eligible for a Maryland state driver's license the day the streak ended on September 19th 1998. 2,632 total games. Wow.

As 10 year old, I don't think I could fully comprehend how amazing a feat this was and still is. I am a gainfully employed adult now and could not possibly fathom what it would be like to show up for work everyday for 16 straight years. The second I have mild cough, I am on Web MD convincing myself I caught SARS somehow. Truly remarkable, Iron Man. 


Click here for a replay of that September 6, 1995 game versus the California Angels in its entirety. Enjoy.