NBA Mock Draft 2/2

16. Boston (CN)

Dennis Schroeder, PG


6’2, 165 lbs.

17. Atlanta (RP)

Gorgui Dieng, C


6’11, 230 lbs.

A tough and mature defender with championship pedigree. Deing needs to polish his offensive game but has the wingspan to be dynamic defender at the next level so look for Atlanta to take him to sure up their frontcourt for the future. Other bigs in the draft may have more upside but Dieng may be the perfect mid-to late 1st round pick.

18. Atlanta (PW)

Rudy Gobert, C


7-2, 238 lbs.


Someone is going to take a chance on boom-or-bust candidate Rudy Gobert. It might as will be the Hawks. Al Horford needs help in the frontcourt and Gobert’s fellow Frenchman Johan Petro isn’t cutting it.

Yes, Gobert has a very long way to go before he makes an impact in the NBA. His game is far too unpolished to put on the court. But what Gobert does have is a physical stature that you cannot teach. Gobert is 7‘2 and boasts a ridiculous 7’8.5 wingspan. That alone is enough to make you a first round pick. If the Hawks has ease Gobert along and coddle him enough, he will be a productive NBA center is a couple years.

19. Cleveland (PW)
Tony Mitchell, PF

North Texas

6’9, 236 lbs.


The Cavaliers already have Tristan Thompson starting at the power forward position and Alonzo Gee at the small forward. If Cleveland drafts North Texas’ Tony Mitchell here at 19, then the Cavs can start him at the ‘four’ and slide Thompson back to his natural position at the ‘three’. Mitchell has a ridiculous amount of upside and skill that is usually overlooked but his general disinterest and lack of effort. When he is giving 100%, Mitchell’s inside out game is good enough to contribute immediately in the league. If Mitchell can get out of his own way, the comparisons to a poor man’s Kenneth Faried will be quite apparent.

Side note: If the Cavaliers stay true to this Mock Draft and trot out the starting lineup of Irving, Waiters, Thompson, Mitchell and Len in 2013-14, look for this young bunch to surprise A LOT of basketball fans. 

20. Chicago (RP) 

Tim Hardaway Jr., SG


6’6, 199, lbs.  


A talented 6’6 Shooting guard with unlimited range. Lacking ball handling and explosion which make him different then Ben McLemore but the ceiling for both players could be the same thus making Hardaway Jr a steal for a team with a late first round pick. His jumper is league ready but GM’s will question his toughness on the defensive end of the floor.

21. Utah (CN)

Jamaal Franklin, SG

San Diego State

6’5, 191 lbs.

22. Brooklyn (CN)

Ricardo Ledo, SG


6’6. 197 lbs.

23. Indiana (RP)

Tony Snell, SG

New Mexico

6’7, 198 lbs.  

Standing at 6’7 with a 6’11 wingspan Tony Snell is probably the most complete Small Forward in the draft. He can handle the ball and shoot it consistently from deep. He can add some defensive toughness to the perimeter and make Danny Granger even more expendable as trade bait.

24. New York (PW)

Jeff Withey, C


7’1, 222 lbs. 

The Knicks are an older team, especially in the front court. Tyson Chandler is still serviceable, but the has-been trio of A’mare Stoudemire, Marcus Camby and Kenyon Martin isn’t scaring anyone. They must get younger and more athletic at the position, and in a hurry. Withey is a skilled defender who is athletic enough to play either power forward or center. The reigning NABC co-Defensive Player of the Year and Big XII Defensive POY is strong and experienced enough to start paying dividends on D immediately for New York. Withey doesn’t play much offense, but the Knicks wouldn’t ask him to do so. With Anthony and Shumpert running the show, Withey’s focus can be primarily on defense, and that is right where the Knicks need him.

25. LA Clippers (PW)

Isaiah Canaan, PG

Murray State

6’, 188 lbs. 

No one is removing Chris Paul from the starting point guard spot in Los Angeles. However, no one knows how much longer CP3 will be a Clipper. He has expressed his intentions to find a new destination and if that comes to fruition, a Plan B is needed. In the meantime, Isaiah Canaan presents an interesting skillset that could nicely complement Paul’s. Whereas CP3 is one of the best distributors in the game, Canaan’s game revolves around scoring the basketball. The senior from Murray State is a prolific scorer that shoots with confidence and can get buckets in bunches when needed. He is deadly accurate spotting up from deep and his off-the-dribble jumper is the best in this draft class. And should Chris Paul decide to stay in Clipperland, Canaan will be a huge upgrade over Chauncey Billups at the sixth man off the bench.

26. Minnesota (RP)

Allen Crabbe, SG


6’6, 198 lbs.

Minnesota will need additional scoring threats to compliment Kevin Love and Crabbe is perfect for the job. At 6’7 with 6’11 wingspan, he should be able to guard other SG’s and SF’s. He can stretch the floor with a consistent 3 pointer but will need to mix in a mid-range and handle the ball more consistently. 

27. Denver (CN)

Mason Plumlee, C


7’1, 238 lbs.

28. San Antonio (CN)

Sergey Karasev, SF


6’7, 200 lbs.

29. Oklahoma City (RP)

Archie Goodwin, SG


6’4, 189 lbs.  


Many doubt whether Goodwin should have left Kentucky early but his potential as a scorer/playmaker is through the roof. Think Russell Westbrook but Goodwin will have to develop a jumpshot to go with blinding speed. Ball handling is also a question but Goodwin is surprising scouts and teams daily with individual workouts. Look for OKC to snatch him up as a backup to Westbrook or potentially the third wheel Durant and Westbrook were missing for the majority of this season and throughout the playoffs,       

30. Phoenix (PW)

Glen Rice Jr., SF

Georgia Tech

6’6, 211 lbs.  

Glen Rice Jr. is an interesting prospect, depending on which end you choose to see.

You can see the player that was thrown out of Georgia Tech after multiple violations. Or you can see that legacy player who averaged 18 points per game playing in the NBA’s Developmental League instead of transferring schools. The same player with the 40+ inch vertical that has the athleticism that could make him the steal of the draft. Rice is  a bit of a tweener. Standing at 6’6, he isn’t the ideal size for a NBA small forward. What Rice lacks in size, he more than makes up for in explosion. His first step is absolutely lethal, sometimes getting to the rim with little effort. His perimeter game has improved immensely since his freshman year making him a reliable shooter from NBA range. While his defense must improve, some believe his lack of effort is to blame. And with Phoenix’s cupboard pretty much bare, taking the best player left of the board probably will serve the Suns well in the long run.