Most Underrated Redskins

1. Fullback Darrel Young

Going from a twice-waived undrafted linebacker out of Villanova to the Redskins’ starting fullback isn't an easy task, but Darrel Young has done so and now has become one of the Redskins' most underrated and indispensable players  

The casual fan wouldn’t realize how much Young means to the team, but all championship-caliber football teams have a player like him.

Fullbacks normally fly under the radar when it comes time to name some of the NFL's best players, and DY is no exception. Guys like Young not only do their job exceptionally with little recognition, but he contributes to your football team in a variety of ways.  has made the switch and now is considered one of the NFL's best young fullbacks. 

It is almost shocking how good Young has become considering he has only been playing the position for three years. In 2012, he paved the way for the likes of Morris, Griffin and the NFL's #1 rushing offense. He is also a trusted member of the Skins passing offense. While labels may be deceiving, I urge you to not get it twisted: DY can catch, run and elude tacklers as good as any of the other Redskins' backs.

2. Tight End Logan Paulsen

I don't think anyone, myself included, realized the value of Logan Paulsen until he was thrust into action last season. As an undrafted rookie from UCLA in 2010, Paulsen's existence in the NFL had been special teams and spot duty on offense until last season.

When starter Fred Davis went down with a ruptured Achilles tendon last October and with longtime starter Chris Cooley no longer on the roster, Paulsen rose to the top of the depth chart by default.

The Redskins offense did not skip a beat with Paulsen starting. Always recognized as the best blocker amongst the Redskins' tight ends, LP was able to display a new wrinkle in his game that were previously unnoticed. What the Redskins discovered is the Paulsen has deceivingly quick feet as a route-runner and can be a reliable pass-catcher when called upon.     

Paulsen was able to consistently exploit the middle of opposing defenses with a series of short routes. Most of Paulsen's targets came on three-step drops from RGIII between the numbers. The threat of the triple-option off of play action gave Paulsen a natural step on linebackers, something he fully took advantage of.

With a healthy Davis returning and rookie Jordan Reed now in the fold, there is no telling what Paulsen's role will be in '13, but I am willing to bet it will be increase than past years.

3. Right Guard Chris Chester

It seems like Redskins right guard Chris Chester is a forgotten man along the offensive line. Since signing as a free agent from Baltimore before the 2011 season, his existence only occurs to me when I hear his name called, which hasn't been often.

But for an offensive lineman, that normally is a good thing. 

Chris Chester has played in, and started all 33 games since becoming a Redskin. In those 33 games, totaling 2,080 offensive plays, Chester has been flagged only three times (one holding call in '11, two false starts in '12). That is one penalty every 693 plays. Not bad at all.

Considering the fact that Chester plays on an offensive line that could've had as many as four players earn Pro Bowl nods, the eighth year pro from Oklahoma may have been the most consistent. The offense rushed considerably more times behind Trent Williams and Kory Lictensteiger on the left. Despite that, they were devastatingly-effective and explosive running behind Chester and Tyler Polumbus on the right, leading the NFL in runs of 10+ yards with 51.

Chester's most important skill in my opinion is his knack for getting to a defended and keeping him blocked until the whistle blows. When he wasn't engaging a defensive lineman, he was 'scraping off to the second level' and getting to linebackers, giving ball-carriers cutback lanes to run through. The video below is a YouTube clip featuring Alfred Morris' highlights. Watch # 66 in burgundy & gold, especially at :31, 1:59, 2:15, 2:57 & 3:28. Witness first hand why Chester's relentless motor was a large part of the Redskins top-rated rushing attack in 2012.