Pierre Garcon to JJ Watt: I DO WHAT I WANT, FUCKBOY

Pierre Garcon gives exactly zero fucks. I know it, you know it and everyone around the league knows it.

Garcon the type of player that'll muscle a player off the line of scrimmage, catch the ball, spin it, then get up and tell you about when its over.  And now his indiscriminate shit talk, usually reserved for defensive backs, is being aimed at the best defensive player in the league. 

On HBO's  season premiere of Hard Knock, you get a close look inside the highly publicized brawl between the Redskins and visiting Texans. Before the fight ensues, Garcon (unwisely, but that is just me) jumps into the face of reigning Defensive MVP JJ Watt, calling him Fuckboy several times.

Later on the sideline, Watt and linebacker JJ Cushing talk about Garcon, almost in disbelief, that he would step to a defensive lineman. Who does that?

88. That's who. Never change, Pierre. Keep doing you.