DMV Stock Up, Stock Down: Week 1

STOCK UP: Georgetown Men’s Basketball Hoya Paranoia; back like it never left.

It’s not even the fact that the Georgetown has won nine games in a row that has their stock so high, but more of the quality of opponents they’ve faced. Eight of those wins have come against teams with winning records (with DePaul being the exception). Half of the eight wins came against ranked opponents (No. 24 Notre Dame, No. 5 Louisville, No. 18 Marquette, No. 8 Syracuse).

With their impressive win over the Orange last Saturday, Georgetown now controls their own destiny in the Big East.

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Toronto Raptor's Announcer Matt Devlin's Releases Wale Diss Track

Let's recap the last 48 hours, shall we? Wale attends Wizards game. Wale gets in heckling match with Rudy Gay. Raptor's announcer gets involved. Wale confronts announcer then tweets about it later that night.

Then this happened....

Between this and Jordan Crawford being traded for the equivalent of nothing, it has been a pretty interested afternoon.

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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong – Wale vs. Rudy Gay v. Toronto Announcer

In the middle of the Wizards last night’s 96—88 loss to the visiting Toronto Raptors, rapper (and DMV native) Wale got into a jawing match with Raptor’s Rudy Gay (a Baltimore native).  Consistent, yet friendly, the thrash talk lasted the duration of the first half. Things escalated when Gay hit a 3-pointer and gestured toward Wale’s section. While the gesture was more of the same meaningless banter, Raptors announcer Matt Devlin picked up on the exchange and interjected on Gay’s behalf, mispronouncing Wale's name, calling him a “local rapper” and unfavorably comparing him to another rapper, Drake of Toronto. Clearly displeased with Devlin’s comments, Wale made his feelings known once he caught wind of what was said.

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