Continuity and Steady Hand Key to JT3's Success

When John Thompson III arrived at Georgetown to lead program his father lead to national prominence in the early eighties, the buzz was high and so were the expectations. Following up the run Big John Thompson had with trips to the national title game in 1982, a national title in 1984, and another runner up finish in 1985 the hype was warranted. Of course, too much is given; much is expected as it seems JT3 was handpicked after just a few years as head coach of his alma mater, Princeton. JT3 has had several excellent seasons with a mix of some of the DMV’s best talent i.e. Jeff Green, Austin Freeman, Chris Wright, and Roy Hibbert to name a few, along with a mix of the nation’s best talent i.e. Greg Monroe, Brandon Bowman, and most recently Otto Porter. But the success on the recruiting trail hasn’t led to success on the hardwood, especially in the postseason. Green, Hibbert and co. spoiled the Hoya Saxa faithful with a Final Four Trip in 2007 but Georgetown has done little since. Four tournaments, four loses to double-digits seeded teams and no Sweet Sixteens appearances.

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