#SundaySlices - Preseason

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You wanna know any easy way to never get confused on the spellings of "desert" and "dessert?" "Dessert" has two S's, because you always want seconds. Here at Fifty Gut, we not only bless you with mostly useless mnemonic devices, but we also help you wash down the feast of football Sundays with a heaping serving of postgame sweets. 

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Beginning next Monday, we will deliver handmade, organic, artisanal, ingredients from scratch, homestyle pies...of shame or blame. Using a highly-specific and classified subjective system of sabermetrics and subtle satire, each Washington game will be dissected and reconstructed into pie chart form. 

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Was the win 50% Kirk, 25% Fat Rob, 15% Norman and 10% that terrible call by the refs that went our way? Or, was the loss 90% Gruden and 10% Dan Snyder's fault for cheering obnoxiously? Let's find out together! We envision #SundaySlices as an interactive experience, so please, feel free to let us know who you'd like to preach praise or rain blame upon. Twitter is always the preferred method of contact, so shoot me your thoughts at @slimceeVA or go direct to the boss at @fiftygutblog. Until next Monday, enjoy the feast and be sure not to desert dessert.